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Translations of technical documentation

Do you need affordable translations or consultations for your technical documentation, specifications, instruction manuals, or operating instructions?

As a distributor of technical products, you are obligated under law (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Article 5 (3), and the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, Appendix II No. 8) to include documentation in the language of your export market with delivery. A clearly structured execution of your technical documentation, planned well in advance, can help you to significantly reduce upcoming costs. Interlingua is here for you; we can provide you with consulting services, and we can offer the most affordable and efficient solution for the translation of your documentation.

Consultations on the translation of your technical documentation:

Are you about to start compiling your technical documentation? Before you begin, would you like to set up the procedure and standardisation of your technical documentation and associated editing as efficiently as possible? You are not sure whether Adobe Framemaker is enough for your technical editing, or if you even need a content management system? Are you considering buying an editing system, but aren’t sure which tool is best for you and what you should think about when buying one?

Interlingua will be pleased to assist you in answering these important questions. We can provide a precise analysis of your current situation and existing conditions and work together with you to find an optimally tailor-made solution that is impartial and does not depend on a particular software. If you already have a technical editing system, there may be new approaches to help you organise your manuals in an even more systematic, orderly, and effective manner. We’ll be happy to help you. Throughout the process we make sure to consider whether your manuals conform to existing standards. We also check your manuals for comprehensibility and user friendliness.

We adhere to the following standards when analysing and translating your documents:

  • Safety standard for machines: DIN EN ISO 12100-1/2
    “Machine safety: basic terminology, general design guidelines”;
  • Documentation standard: DIN EN 82079-1 as well as the VDI 4500 guideline series
    “Organisation, presentation, and content – Producing operating manuals as well as guideline series for generating technical documentation“
  • DIN EN 15038:2006, the European quality standard for translation service providers

Compliance with standards is voluntary, yet the application and fulfilment of uniform standards presumes that your product meets standards, which may be of enormous benefit to you in the event of liability and can protect you from claims for damages.

Translation of your technical documentation - cost savings:

With our well-organised advance consultation services, Interlingua makes it possible to design your technical documentation in such a way that the later costs of translation are kept as low as possible. Using visually oriented operating manuals that illustrate operating steps to users can render some text passages superfluous and thereby reduce translation volume by a great deal. Another pleasant side effect in addition to the reduced translation costs is that your readers have an incentive to read more thanks to the use of visual materials.

We can perform technical translations in the following fields: