Translation in the area of medicine and pharmaceutics

Expert knowledge, quality and precision

Medical texts are required to be translated from the source to the target language flawlessly and with the utmost care. Translators thus shoulder great responsibility. For medical and pharmaceutical translations, we solely rely upon native speaker specialist translators translating their texts in accordance with the strict standards of EN ISO 1710. Should there be any problems during the process of translation (for example concerning abbreviations or context issues), we will integrate you into the clarification process and send these queries on to you in order to ensure a flawless outcome.

Medicine and pharmaceutics: over 150 translators

We only use native speaker translators who have successfully completed their translation studies, possess exceptional expert knowledge and many years of professional translation experience in the medical area. Apart from the most requested languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Russian, we offer translations into all common languages and have specialist medical translators for all of these languages at our disposal.

Our list of customers from the medical sector reaches from general practitioners and specialists to pharmacists and radiology institutes all the way to medical technology companies and those from the pharmaceutical industry.

We can provide you with translations of the following documents

  • Package leaflets for medications
  • Manuals for medical devices
  • Medical information for patients
  • Medical reports
  • Medical studies
  • Surgical reports

The mentioned text types represent an overview of the translations usually requested in these areas of expertise. We will, of course, also translate many other text types on request.

Specialised translations using a medical and pharmaceutical terminology database

To ensure that your medical translation is not only technically and qualitatively demanding but also consistent across the board, we are happy to create a customised translation memory and terminology database for you. This enables the specialist translator to find text elements that have already been translated faster, thereby saving time and money. A terminology database guarantees the consistency of all translations as well as making sure that they use your standard company terminology.

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