Environment, Sustainability and Environmental Management

In the area of environment and sustainability, we offer translations in with the double-checking principle and handle orders dealing with the following topics, amongst others:

  • CO2 reduction technologies
  • Climate change and protection
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture
  • Renewable resources / renewable energies
  • Our focus: your message & target group

  • Fair pricing with no hidden charges

  • ISO-certified quality and great service

Translators with knowledge and expertise in the environmental area

Our carefully selected and tested translators are experts in the fields of environmental management, renewable energies, biology, nutritional science and molecular biology. They know exactly what it takes to translate in these fields: a comprehensive and deep knowledge and many years of experience in the respective area. This enables the translator to correctly choose the technical terms appropriate to the area in question.

We can provide you with translations of the following documents

  • Sustainability reports
  • EU environmental policy documents
  • Press releases
  • Studies
  • Surveys
  • Environmental performance evaluations

The mentioned text types represent an overview of the translations usually requested in these areas of expertise. We will, of course, also translate many other text types on request.

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