SDL Trados CAT tool at Interlingua

More and more companies, translation agencies and translators are using special translation software to speed up the translation process and improve the quality of their work.

Amongst all the different kinds of translation software on the market, SDL Trados is the most widely used computer programme for computer-assisted translation.

Trados offers numerous advantages:

Translation Memory:

    • a language database in which your translations are saved (as source and target text pairs called “translation units”)
    • This enables leveraging of old translations to produce new translations in the future
    • The most important advantage is faster translation – no sentence ever need be translated twice

Terminology management:

    • SDL Trados is a database with a search function that contains terms (e.g. project-specific terminology) and rules for their correct use (e.g. gender and definition).
    • The most important benefit is increased translation quality – with the help of the terms, the translator will always find the right word or phrase to use.

This innovative translation technology represents an additional improvement in productivity and quality for translators, translation service providers and translation customers. Translators, language service providers and end users of translation services profit equally from this development.