Professional subtitles for your video content

We can create your subtitles both in the original language of the video as well as in your desired target language. As for all other services, we collaborate exclusively with translators who are native speakers of the target language and always use the double-checking principle.

  • Exact subtitles in over 90 languages

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges

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Creating and translating subtitles at Interlingua

Creating and translating subtitles places especially high demands on linguistic expertise. Language and time constraints play a crucial role, as the subtitles are bound by what is spoken, the video itself and the guidelines for implementing the subtitles. For example, dialogues and subtitles are not allowed to exceed a certain character length.

When preparing and translating subtitles, we naturally pay particular attention to criteria such as the text length, the character of the video and the feeling for the language. Since spoken language often contains colloquialisms or idiomatic expressions, it is even more important for the assigned translator to be able to transfer these special nuances of the source text into the target language.

We will send you a preliminary cost estimate, as we cannot know how many words will need to be translated before the transcription of the source language has been completed. As soon as we are able to perform a more exact analysis of the source text, we will provide you with an updated quotation.

You will receive the final subtitle files in the common .srt format, which then only have to be integrated into the video or uploaded to YouTube.

We will make sure that your message comes across to your target audience

We regularly create and translate subtitles for the following media:

  • Explanatory videos
  • Short films
  • Promotional videos
  • Advertisements
  • Interviews
  • Educational films & training videos
  • Videos for websites and social media
  • Subtitles for the Deaf and hard of hearing

The types of media mentioned are a selection of the translations that are frequently requested for this subject field. We can, of course, also create subtitles for and translate many other media types on request.

Would you like to find out more about creating and translating subtitles? You can download of our brochures for free here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I would like to create subtitles for a video How do I do that?2021-08-25T11:46:29+02:00

Send us the file or a link to the video via E-Mail or via our contact form and tell us the desired target languages. This will enable us to calculate the time needed to transcribe the video and the number of words for the translation, and then make you a non-binding offer.

When you place an order with us, we will transcribe your video first and then create an SRT file. This forms the basis of the translation. If you already have a transcription of the video, please send this to us as well. This will shorten the editing time and, of course, reduce your costs.

However, the translation is not the end of the process. Next, we will carefully adjust the subtitles to your video, so that the text matches what is said as closely as possible. This aspect of the work is therefore almost as important as the translation itself.

Is a transcription always necessary?2021-08-25T11:47:21+02:00

Yes, the video has to be transcribed in advance in order to be able to create and translate the subtitles. We will use the transcription to prepare an SRT file, which we then translate. If you already have a transcription, you can send this to us. This reduces not only the processing time but also your costs.

I already have automatically generated subtitles from YouTube, can these be used or will they need adjusting?2021-08-25T11:50:01+02:00

Automatically generated subtitles definitely need adjusting. However, the total amount of time needed for your project will be reduced if automatically generated subtitles are already available, as we won’t need to transcribe the video.

Do the subtitles always have to be adjusted?2021-08-25T11:51:05+02:00

Yes, it is always necessary to adjust the subtitles after they have been translated, as there are guidelines on how long the subtitles have to be, which are not always adhered to when translating. This means that the subtitles will be checked after they are translated and shortened, if necessary.

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