Interlingua cooperates with 700 freelancers worldwide.

1977: Company founded on 16 March 1977
2002: Translation Memory systems introduced
2005: New location: Schwarzspanierstrasse 15, 1090 Vienna
2006: 100% acquisition by Sabine Kern
2006: The first translation services provider in Austria to be certified according  to the Austrian Standard EN ISO 17100
2016: Christopher Alcazar assumes sole responsibility for the company
2017: 40-year company anniversary


Valuable repository of experience

Interlingua was founded with the vision of providing high-quality multilingual communication worldwide and creating individual solutions for customer-specific requests. Over the years, Interlingua was able to gain an outstanding wealth of experience and is one of the leading language service providers in Austria. By means of ongoing innovation, the close collaboration with experts from terminology and translation management as well as the continuous further training of our employees, we make sure to stay at the cutting edge of the industry. After developing an extensive network of global partners, Interlingua now possesses the competence and technical expertise to perform as a leading translation service provider in the domestic and international market. And they have done so succcessfully for more than 40 years.