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Your website is your digital business card.

As a specialist for website translations, Interlingua offers you solutions tailor-made to your specific needs.

Kindly let us know whether you only need the translation of a single page of your website that has been added or updated, or if your entire website including all pages needs to be translated into one or more languages.

Send us an export of your website or alternatively a Word/Excel version of the source text. We will then analyse the content and assign the rendering of it into the requested target language to our experts for website translations.

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Reach potential clients with a website in several languages!

By translating your website into different languages, you will allow your customers to experience your Internet presence in their own language – you will see that your page views will dramatically increase, not least because you are thus improving your SEO results. Having your website translated by Interlingua gives you the opportunity:

  • To win new customers
  • To increase your exports
  • To communicate your message unambiguously
  • To improve your website’s ranking on Google and therefore
  • Increase your number of page clicks

In the era of globalisaiton and internationalisation, the translation of a website at least into the English language has become a standard.

Apart from the European standard languages German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, we at Interlingua translate into 90 different languages!

Typo3, WordPress, Joomla and more: conveniently translated using CMS exports

Would you like to have your whole website translated into one or more languages? Most modern content management systems (CMS) have their own export functions which make it even easier for them to collect all the relevant content from their website for translation.

Depending on the platform and setup, the export is either in XLSX, XML or XLIFF format. In most cases it is not only pages, articles or online shop elements that can be exported, but also important SEO metadata (e.g. page titles, preview texts for Google search results or categories).

The exported data can be imported into a CAT-Tool and translated. This means you can use your customer-specific translation memories and terminology databases as normal.

You get a faster translation that costs less because previously translated segments can be used again. In addition, we can guarantee the consistent use of your corporate wording. And you can be sure that all the translated content appears in the right place when you import it.

If in doubt, consult your website provider to find out which export possibilities your specific setup offers. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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