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Terminology management at Interlingua

The consistent, organised and company-specific use of terminology is crucial for your corporate success. Whether in information leaflets, operating manuals, contracts, annual reports or package slips – the use of technical terms must be clear-cut and straightforward for your customers.

Are you looking for clear and consistent use of terms from developers to end clients? Would you like to know how an internal terminology database could be implemented effectively at your company?

We have the solution for you and are happy to offer you advice!

Terminology management and terminology databases


Consistent use of terms is crucial for effective communication. Dealing with misunderstandings from inconsistent wording and use of language costs both time and money. In order to present your company, image and brand in the best light, it is crucial to agree upon standardised terminology (corporate wording) that is to be used consistently across all divisions. Interlingua ensures that all of your texts are translated consistently using the terms specifically to your company.

Using the latest translation technology, we store the specified terms and phrases free of charge in so-called translation memories and terminology databases. These terms are then used for all of your future translations. This significantly improves the quality of your translation as your corporate wording and company specific terminology is used in a uniform and consistent way. We would be happy to help you set up your own tailor-made terminology database and discuss how to effectively implement this at your company.

Advantages of shared terminology management

  • Higher text quality: Harmonising the terminology of texts from all divisions results in more straightforward information and a reduction of errors. This leads to fewer questions and complaints from end clients.
  • Greater legal certainty through clear definitions: Legally protect your company by using only unambiguously worded contracts and clear warnings.
  • Cost reduction and time saving by reusing terminology in texts and translations: Time is saved not only during the process of creating texts, but also, for example, by receiving fewer questions from clients.
  • Consolidation of corporate identity through consistent corporate wording: This leads to a significant increase in customer loyalty and allows for a greater competitiveness.
  • Improvement of communication and knowledge transfer both internally and externally.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why terminology management?2021-09-15T15:43:45+02:00

The use of consistent, structured and company-specific terminology is an important criterion for the success of your company as is it your linguistic figurehead. Terminology management contributes to improved text quality and legal certainty thanks to clear definitions and terms. It promotes the comprehensibility and consistency of your translations and strengthens your corporate identity.

What is a terminology database?2021-09-15T15:43:59+02:00

The terminology database (termbase) stores subject-specific terminology and equivalents – similar to a glossary. As a rule, a termbase doesn’t just consist of lists of words but is supplemented by additional information such as synonyms, forbidden terms, sample sentences, references, sources or metadata. While using a translation tool (CAT tool), translators receive suggestions and tips from the termbase, which means that they can be sure they are adhering to the customer’s wording.

What does terminology management mean?2021-09-15T15:35:50+02:00

This refers to the management of technical terms and related information in a monolingual or multilingual database. These databases usually contain terms relating to your industry and subject, as well as your company’s preferred in-house terminology. This information is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

How can I access my terminology database?2021-09-15T15:45:16+02:00

We can export your termbase in different formats (e.g. Excel or TBX) if you would like to check the status of your customer-specific, Interlingua terminology database.
If you would like to have immediate access, e.g. to edit the terms yourself or make them available to staff, this is possible via a secure web-based terminology management system that we can provide. You decide which access rights you require and we deal with the maintenance of your data.

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