Professional express translations

When it comes to time-sensitive projects, translations sometimes have to be ready faster than normal. Interlingua thus offers express translations.

Thanks to a global network of translators, we are able to successfully handle urgent express orders with very tight deadlines while retaining full quality.

  • Professional translations for your subject field
  • Fair pricing with no hidden charges
  • Over 40 years of know-how and experience

A global network for fast translations

Because our translators are located around the world, we can exploit time zone differences to produce express translations and deliver them to you on time. For this reason, we can also successfully implement overnight services.

Quick delivery of translations

If the scope of your document should ever turn out to be quite large, we can form a team of translators. Team members simultaneously work on different parts of your translation, which significantly accelerates the delivery time.

If desired, the completed translation will then be checked by a revisor. This has the advantage of harmonising the different linguistic styles that can arise whenever several translators work on the same text.

An experienced translator can translate up to 7 DIN A4 standard pages per day, depending on the source text’s degree of difficulty. A standard page comprises 30 standard lines of 55 characters including spaces.

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