memoQ Training Courses at Interlingua

We are committed to ongoing training and development in order to optimise our services for you. We are happy to share our expertise with you.

That is why we offer workshops on working with CAT tools – the most important aids for fast, efficient, time-saving and high-quality translations.

Workshops for beginners and advanced users

Whether you are new to CAT tools or an experienced translator: a tailor-made training course is just the right approach for every level.

Depending on your existing knowledge, we put together the ideal content for the training course using sample texts for specific questions and topics.

For each workshop, we provide a script with the most important functions and useful tips.

This is what you learn on our memoQ training courses

  • How to create projects
  • How to import and export translations
  • How to create and use translation memories and terminology databases
  • Understanding text analyses and statistics
  • The functions of the translator editor
  • QA check
  • How to translate different file formats
  • How to do alignments


Are you interested in a memoQ training course for your translation team and would you like to learn more about how the course is structured and conducted? Then please contact us – we’d be pleased to advise you!

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