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Interpreting services at Interlingua

Reliable interpreters and professional, high-quality interpretations

All of our interpreters have a certified education and many years of experience, making them proven experts in their field. Whether simultaneous or consecutive – we are happy to advise you on the kind of interpreting appropriate for your event. If necessary, we can assemble teams of interpreters all over Austria and inform you about the latest technological options.

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  • Tailored customer service & top quality

  • Over 40 years of know-how and experience

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges

Subject fields

We offer interpreters that we have especially selected for every subject field (such as medicine/pharmaceutics, automobile industry, economy/finances etc.). In order to optimise quality, it would be advantageous if you kindly provided the interpreter with detailed documents for preparation prior to the conference or event.

Types of interpreting

We offer the following types of interpreting services:

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting

Please provide us with the venue, date and occasion of the event, as well as information on the participants and required language combinations. Depending on the size of the group and the type of requested interpreting service, we assign one or more interpreters to your event.


In cooperation with our event technology partner Nuntio, we would gladly provide you with any required technical equipment that you may need, from aninterpreter’s kit bag to an interpreting booth.

Interpreting Terms and Conditions

Arrival and departure (locations outside of Vienna)

Per interpreter, travel costs shall be compensated in accordance with the respective official standard rate of an economy class train ticket for a journey of equivalent length, for example Vienna-conference location-Vienna. Should arrival and departure be arranged for one working day before or after the event, the rate of a half-day shall be added to the invoice. General hourly rates apply to travel times. Regarding interpreting assignments outside of Vienna, the rate of a whole day shall be added to the invoice, regardless of actual interpreting hours.

Technical equipment

If desired, we are able to arrange for technical equipment.

Conference interpretation

Reference material and manuscripts from the speaker(s) ensure effective interpreting. Such material must be sent to Interlingua one week before the event starts.


In the event of order cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 10-15 working days before the conference start: 50 % of the agreed sum
  • fewer than 10 days before the conference start: 75 % of the agreed sum
  • fewer than 3 days before the conference start: 100 % of the agreed sum


Taping, for example video recording, of the interpretation shall mean that one half-day rate per interpreter is added to the invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For which situations does Interlingua offer interpreting services?2021-08-24T16:53:53+02:00

We provide interpreters for any company event, both for meetings with small groups as well as for large conferences and trade fairs.

Do you also offer interpreters for private holidays and official business?2021-08-24T16:55:12+02:00

We offer interpreting services only for company events (e.g. meetings, conventions, conferences), not for private purposes.

How far in advance do I need to plan if I require an interpreter?2021-08-24T16:57:48+02:00

It is ideal to plan 1-2 weeks in advance so that the interpreter can prepare for the event as well as possible. However, we can also organise a suitable interpreter for your event at shorter notice. Contact us by email or via our contact form and we will find a solution for your situation.

How much does an interpreter cost?2021-08-24T16:59:10+02:00

The use of an interpreter is calculated on the basis of half-day or full-day rates. For shorter periods of only 1 or 2 hours, reduced half-day rates will be charged depending on the availability of the interpreters.

Why have I received an offer for two interpreters although I only asked for one?2021-08-24T16:59:43+02:00

Interpreting is a highly complex activity which requires a huge amount of concentration. This means that whenever simultaneous interpreting is required, teams of two interpreters are formed. The interpreters alternate during the session and support each other. This is the only way to guarantee high-quality interpreting.

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