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MemoQ CAT tool at Interlingua

This innovative translation technology represents an additional improvement in productivity and quality for translators, translation service providers and translation customers. Translators, language service providers and end users of translation services profit equally from this development.

Advantages for customers

  • Consistency for your translations thanks to translation memory, termbase and reference resources.
  • Knowledge of CAT tools is not necessary in branch offices.
  • Time-consuming and error-prone work with PDF corrections is a thing of the past.
  • Tabular export for branch office corrections is now possible in Word. The customer receives a three-column table in Word with the target text, the translation, and an empty line where he or she can make comments. The Word document comes back to us and is automatically processed.
  • Facilitates terminology exchange.
  • Single-language reference materials can also be used now.
  • Different file formats can be processed effortlessly.

Advantages for users / translators

  • Translations are edited in a table in a main window. There is also a preview function.
  • The translator can access several Translation Memories and terminology databases while translating.
  • Files in different formats can be brought together into one project.
  • Compatibility with Trados and Transit makes the transition easy.
  • 101 recognition principle – more repetitions with context.
  • Work faster with the “skip locked segments” option.
  • Editors can work directly in exported memoQ documents.
  • Chat window for logged-in translators and project managers.

NEW: Plunet memoQmanager interface

With the close interlinkage of the memoQ CAT tool in the Plunet BusinessManager, which is facilitated by an interface developed for this special purpose, we are able to handle your projects faster and more efficiently.  

The two biggest advantages at a glance

  • The project manager almost never needs to switch between the two tools. Time savings are reflected directly in the delivery date.
  • Automatic integration and updating of customer terminology databases.