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Legal translations

Your partner for translating contracts and legal texts of all kinds.

When translating a specialised legal text, such as a sales contract, articles of association, rental contract or a damage claim report, it is important that “justice does not go astray”, i.e. that communication is successful between parties communicating at the legal level.

Legal translators must cover a wide range of competencies, from the selection of exact terminology, ensuring good readability and the clear structuring of sentences, to understanding the meaning and purpose of the texts to be translated. What is meant in the source language needs to be conveyed with the proper terminology in the target language.

Specialised legal texts by experienced translators

Interlingua works exclusively with translators who have years of successful experience and both linguistic and legal competence, thereby ensuring that translations meet the particular needs of specialised legal texts.

We and our translators will of course deal with your documents in the strictest confidentiality and will not pass them on to third parties.

Here is a small excerpt from our specialised fields for legal translations:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Diplomas, certificates
  • Commercial register excerpts
  • Certificates of registration
  • Patents
  • Contracts (for example, sales, employment, rental, inheritance, and marriage contracts)li>
  • Documents
  • Judgments
  • Powers of attorney

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