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Across CAT tool at Interlingua

Are you looking for a translation services provider, yet asking yourself whether they use your terminology? In addition to the traditional method of building a database from bilingual reference material, we can now use monolingual reference material and integrate it into the database at the touch of a button. Alignment processes are a thing of the past.

Advantages of the Across CAT Tool for companies

  • You can keep control of your valuable language resources using appropriate language technology
  • External language service providers can connect directly using a server-to-server connection
  • Web-based language portals facilitate structured company-internal assignment of translations
  • With the allocation of a licence key and a softkey (which should always be saved), freelance translators receive authorisation to access the server and herbey their work packages as well. The clients control the package attributes themselves, and can sometimes restrict access to specific TMs or files.
  • Simultaneous work by several translators and editors. Consistency is realised with a translation memory, a termbase and resources that are shared in real time
  • Different file formats can be processed effortlessly

 Advantages for translators

  • The client uploads all of the documents as “packages” – this avoids possible problems with unmanageable file formats from the start. The packages are processed by two categories of user:  “online users", who have more permissions (e.g. project managers), and “offline users” (freelancers)
  • Extensive reference material is available: “crossTank” (Translation Memory), “crossTerm” (terminology system), “crossDesk” (cross-format editor), “crossSearch” (research tool with connection to terminology sources on the Internet) and “crossCheck” (quality assurance module)
  • Freelancers can download the personal edition of Across either as a standalone personal edition for independent workers, or – for free – as a standby remote client to accept assignments from companies or translation agencies
  • A series of webinars and interactive tutorials on the topics of “project management” and “translation” is aviable. They clearly illustrate how to use this valuable tool (Across TrainingCenter).