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CAT tools

Modern translation technology (CAT tools) at Interlingua

Do you want your translations to be translated with consistent terminology? Do you want your translations to be delivered quicker? Do you want to benefit from cost reductions by having previously translated texts taken into account during the translation process? Then using CAT tools is the way to go!

Interlingua uses CAT tools to deliver translations with the perfect terminology, style and content within short deadlines.

Translating with CAT tools involves using a computer program to help with the translation process. CAT is short for “Computer Aided Translation”. This should not be confused with machine translation, where the program translates automatically and without human input. Interlingua offers translations using the translation software memoQ,  across and SDL Trados. We would be happy to discuss the features of each program with you to find the best solution for your company!

The advantages of using CAT tools

At Interlingua, all your translations are saved in your own firm specific translation memories (TM) and a free terminology database (TB) is generated using technical terms from your texts.

This results in the following advantages:

  • Consistent use of language and consideration of the specific wording of your company
  • Higher text quality from the uniform and consistent use of terminology
  • Cost reduction from the analysis of repetitions and similarities in previously saved translations
  • Larger texts. Several translators can work on a project without compromising the uniformity of the translation
  • Time saving by reusing translations and terminology entries
  • Guaranteed uniform terminology which conforms to your firm’s specific corporate wording
  • High-quality and terminologically consistent translations delivered within short deadlines

Advantages of CAT tools for technical editing

CAT tools primarily serve to assist translators. They are also very useful for technical editors who often work as translators as well.

Key benefits:

  • Acceleration of the editing and translation processes
  • Workflow in accordance with EN ISO 17100 (previously EN 15038): The EN ISO 17100 standard regulates the collaboration between translators, revisors and linguistic editors. With the help of CAT tools, each person involved in the process has a specific role with clearly defined rules, allowing them to work together efficiently.
  • Editing different file formats: CAT tools can be used to work on files that you would be unable to open without having access to the relevant program. Translation software offers a preview of the original document. This can be useful when a graphic is being explained, for example.

In the menu at the bottom of this page you can find more specific information on how we use each CAT tool (memoQ, across, SDL Trados).


If you would like to know more about using CAT tools, we would be happy to speak to you.