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Translations in technology and computer science

Do you need technical translations of your manuals, operating instructions, test reports, process guidelines, maintenance manuals, accessory catalogues, and compliance audits?

Are you developing software that needs to be translated into several languages and localised? Interlingua is your partner for highly professional technical translations in both technology and computer science.

Consultations on technical translation.

Regardless of what stage you are currently in with your technical documentation, we will be happy to speak with you about selecting the right editorial system for you. We can also analyse your documents for conformance with standards, organisation, structure and design. We will also be pleased to support you in making your documentation even more efficient. This can enable you to reduce your upcoming translation volume and the costs associated with it.

Are you a software producer who wants to design a user interface in such a way that it appears to have been crafted for every one of your target markets?

We are happy to accompany you throughout the entire development phase of your software, localising it for units of measurement, number formats, time formats, as well as many other linguistic and cultural particularities of your markets.

In this specialised field, we are also happy to create a free, customer-specific database of sentences and terminology. During the translation process, our translators develop such a database of your technical documents.

If you are interested in an excellent translation, send us an online inquiry at any time for an instant free quote.

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