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Translation in the film and media industry

"…and Action!“ - Let Interlingua translate your screenplays! Whether it’s dialogues, scripts, stage directions or transcripts, we’re available for you when it comes to providing top-quality translations for the film industry.

Nowadays, it is extremely common for the most popular and top-selling novels to be converted for the big Screen. As the original version of a story is often written in a different language from that of the film production company, it first has to be translated.

Even blockbusters straight out of America, China or India require subtitles or dubbing so that the film can reach out to foreign audiences and generate box office success in cinemas across the rest of the world.

The use of multilingual stage directions

When translating scripts, it is extremely important that the stage directions (also known as slug lines) comply with universal conventions or the conventions specified by the customer.

If the customer provides a list of terminology alongside the translation of the stage directions, this can also be translated upon request. The correct subject-specific terminology can therefore be retained.

Through the use of modern CAT-Tools, most screenplays and other texts can be translated straight from their original Format. For example, if your screenplay was created using Final Draft, we can deliver the translated version back to you in the same format in which it was given to us. With the CAT-Tool software memoQ, it is possible to import your .fdx file straight into the program and export the translated document afterwards in exactly the same format. Successful translations are more often than not the result of good communication between the translator and the customer. The translator’s knowledge of the demographic and sociographic factors of the target audience is crucial for a successful translation of the story. For this reason, we only employ translators who are native speakers, have successfully completed their translation studies and possess the necessary flair and knowledge to deal with the specific subject of the screenplay.

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