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Different types of interpreting at Interlingua

We offer the following types of interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpreting is used for events such as business meals, local events or small groups The interpreter waits to talk until the speaker pauses and then communicates the content in another language, generally with the aid of notes (using a special note-taking technique). It is used in a “face-to-face” situation.
In other words, this is an interpreting service that is provided once the speaker has finished talking. For more information on consecutive interpreting, see here.

Simultaneous interpreting

This type of interpreting is often used for events that involve a large number of people. Simultaneous interpreting is the most efficient way to convey content to your listeners in multiple languages without major delays. Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of technical aids such as interpreting booths with interpreting technology and technicians. This enables a more or less unlimited number of people to listen at the same time. For more information on simultaneous interpreting, see here.

Whispered interpreting

This type of interpreting is used for events with a small number of people (max. 2 participants). The interpreter sits between the participants and interprets simultaneously into the ear of the participants.
For successful whispered interpreting, the participants and the interpreter must sit closely together because there is a certain amount of background noise.
Whispered interpreting is a major challenge for interpreters because they are at the mercy of room acoustics and have to filter out ambient noise.
In other words, this is an interpreting service that is provided while the speaker is talking. For more information on whispered interpreting, see here.

Legal interpreting

Our sworn and legally certified interpreters typically provide interpreting services at the municipal level and in the Austrian courts. For more information on legal interpreting, see here.

Interpreting Terms and Conditions

Arrival and departure (locations outside of Vienna)
Per interpreter, travel costs shall be compensated in accordance with the respective official standard rate of an economy class train ticket for a journey of equivalent length, for example Vienna-conference location-Vienna. Should arrival and departure be arranged for one working day before or after the event, the rate of a half-day shall be added to the invoice. General hourly rates apply to travel times. Regarding interpreting assignments outside of Vienna, the rate of a whole day shall be added to the invoice, regardless of actual interpreting hours.

Technical equipment
If desired, we are able to arrange for technical equipment.

Conference interpretation
Reference material and manuscripts from the speaker(s) ensure effective interpreting. Such material must be sent to Interlingua one week before the event starts.

In the event of order cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 10-15 working days before the conference start: 50 % of the agreed sum
  • fewer than 10 days before the conference start: 75 % of the agreed sum
  • fewer than 3 days before the conference start: 100 % of the agreed sum

Taping, for example video recording, of the interpretation shall mean that one half-day rate per interpreter is added to the invoice.

Please direct any questions you have about interpreting to: office(at)interlingua.at