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Translation of your computer program – software localisation

Software localisation and translation services at Interlingua.

Do you need a professional translation of your computer program that is tailored to your target audience? Do you put great value on having a translation that takes into account local linguistic and cultural differences?

Then you have come to the right place by choosing Interlingua!

What is localisation?

Localisation is the optimal adaptation of content, processes, products such as computer programs to local linguistic and cultural circumstances in a specific geographical or ethnic sales or usage area.

The word localisation (or localization in American English) is often abbreviated in software development as the numeronym l10n or L10n. The 10 is the number of letters omitted between the first and last latter (compare the numeronym i18n for internationalization/internationalisation.)

How does software localisation differ from conventional document translation?

Software localisation is the translation and structural customisation of a software or web product, including the software itself and all related product documentation.

In conventional translation, the client supplies a final version of a document to the translator who then starts translating it. Software localisation projects, on the other hand, are often carried out in parallel to the development of the product (the translation of the user interface might occur during the beta phase of the software product). This enables the simultaneous completion of all language versions of the document and also makes a worldwide product launch possible.

How does software localisation work?

In an effective localisation of a software product, the user interface looks as if it was originally written and developed for the target market.

For your software localisation, all the following will be correctly adapted: units, number formats, address formats, date and time formats (long and short), paper sizes, fonts, default font selection, capitalisation, punctuation, sortation, word separation and hyphenation, local regulations, copyright issues, data protection, payment methods, currency conversion and taxes.

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