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Translations in the areas of research and the environment

Thinking environmentally is more important than ever before. Changing mindsets rather than acting negligently is the motto. It's the same with your translations.

What is the point of getting the cheapest translation if it doesn't meet your expectations, is full of errors and is not delivered on time?

At Interlingua you do not necessarily get the cheapest but the best value in translation.

Translators with expertise and competence in environmental matters

Our carefully selected and tested translators are experts in the fields of environmental management, renewable energy, biology, nutritional science, molecular biology, bio-economy and waste management. They know exactly what it takes to translate in these fields: a comprehensive and deep knowledge and many years of experience in the relevant area. This enables the translator to choose precisely the technical terminology appropriate to the research area in question.

We offer custom translations of sustainability reports, press releases, studies, surveys and environmental performance evaluations.

We will gladly check with you in advance what terminology is standard in your company and apply it consistently.

Why not change your own mindset a little - and have Interlingua prepare a quality translation for you?

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