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Translations in the areas of business and finance Industry

Many challenges are arising because of the increasing impact of globalisation

Do you need to maintain business relationships with customers in Asia or the USA? Do you require a translation of a contract or agreement from your native language into another or vice versa in order to seal a deal? Interlingua is your trusted translation agency for well-priced translations in the business and finance industry.

In today’s globalised world, it is crucial to be able to speak the language of your business partners. It is especially important to be able to use the correct vocabulary when referring to certain terms. Our translators have excellent command of the language of your target audience and always translate with your customers in mind. Because only an appropriate choice of words can make your message effective.

Whether you require contracts, shareholder agreements, annual financial reports, press releases, market analyses, insurance policies or other documents from the financial/business world, our translation agency has a specialised and successfully tested translator at the ready!

Translators who are employed by Interlingua have to undergo a rigorous selection process and put their comprehensive technical and terminology knowledge to the test. We only use professional translators who have completed university studies as a translator or a similar and suitable education. Furthermore, they must prove that they have at least three years of relevant professional experience in the translation industry, as well as have to undergo tests on a regular basis to ensure that they are still providing us with top quality translations. Because only a translation specifically tailored towards your target audience is good enough for us.

Interlingua has been working together with some of the most prestigious companies in the business and finance sectors for over 35 years (see our customer reference list).

We would love to be your company of choice for delivering high quality translations.

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