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Terminology management training for corporate clients

Do you want to strengthen your corporate identity and have your products translated quickly and cost-effectively? Then you’ve come to the right place at Interlingua.

These training sessions are aimed both at corporate clients who would like to re-engineer or enhance the maintenance of their company-specific terminology, as well as companies which have not yet used terminology management and would like to get an initial overview of its potential.

We work with you to determine the status quo of your corporate terminology, define the objectives you would like to achieve in the field of terminology management, and prepare a step-by-step plan for implementing your objectives.

What benefits will systematic terminology management bring to your company?

  • Consistent corporate wording to reinforce and enhance recognition of your corporate identity
  • Improved communication and knowledge transfer (inside the company and externally)
  • Improved customer retention and increased competitiveness
  • Acceleration of the translation process and cost savings due to reuse
  • Fewer errors due to unambiguous, consistent or comprehensible terminology
  • Language and terminology standardisation for products, services, product documentation and after-sales support

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