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Quality assurance for your translations at Interlingua

Do you need a translation which meets the highest qulity requirements?

Quality assurance for your translations at Interlingua is guaranteed by the following standards:

Double-checking principle

  • Each text is processed by two professional specialist translators.
  • One translator translates, and the other revises.

Native speaker principle

  • The translator translates into his native language.
  • The reviser edits in his native language.

Specialist principle

  • Each text is assigned to a carefully selected translator and reviser who are specialists in their field.
  • Translators and revisers consult with experts in the relevant subject matter (technicians, lawyers, banking specialists, physicians).

Criteria for selecting translators

According to the ISO EN 17100 (formerly EN 15038) standard, all translators working for us must fulfil at least one of the following requirements:

  • Graduate with a university degree in translation (translation studies)
  • Graduate with an equivalent qualification in another subject field with at least two years of documented professional experience in translation
  • At least five years of documented experience in translation

In addition, we test and select all translators using a standardised, multi-step process to ensure that they meet our expectations and those of our clients.

Have your texts translated to the highest quality.